Our Vision

Our vision is to become a top notch Travel, Holiday & e-commerce based Direct Selling organization globally. We aim to strengthen the quality of life of people by empowering them with business opportunities and a chance of ample growth in life.

We strongly believe that our vision will manifest itself, only when we deliver unique, innovative, world class products which can add benefit to people’s lives for a cheerful lifestyle.

By providing unbeatable business opportunities to those who are willing, we wanted to empower people to fulfil their dreams of financial independence.

This is the basics of iRICH and we will endure to build over it.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to enrich people’s lives to achieve their goals and lead a better lives through a combination of Business Opportunity with unique, innovative and world class quality products and services.

Our mission also includes:

A. To create a culture of passion, excitement, faith, prosperity, great health, kindness and love. This mission begins with our own corporate team and wave out to those that embrace our culture.

B. To provide lucrative Business Opportunity to the people with a burning desire of partnership with IBO’s, Customers, Employees and Key Management.

Remember, the fulfilment of our vision and mission depends on the cooperation, support, passion and energy of the people in our IBO network. Our strong belief of adding value and worth to people’s lives drives us to accomplish our goals.